Who We Are

Hi, I’m Brandon! My wife Katie and I purchase and sell homes in the Central Florida area as investments for our personal portfolio. We aren’t Real Estate agents—that means no commissions or Realtor fees for you ;). We aren’t some fancy big agency looking to pressure you out of your equity. We’re not here to throw you a low ball offer or sell you a home for more than it’s worth.

We’re just normal people, passionate about providing profitable Real Estate solutions for folks looking to buy or sell a home without the hassle of listing it traditionally. We’re working to build financial freedom for ourselves through Real Estate, and we absolutely believe that can be done while ALSO putting money in the pockets of those on the other end of the transaction!

We know the term “Real Estate Investor” means many not-so-positive things to many people. That’s genuinely not our approach. Our deals are fair, profitable for both sides, and should leave you with exceeded expectations. If that’s not the case, we won’t do the deal!

Reach out…let’s get in touch! Looking forward to chatting!

What We Do



We structure deals that provide truly win-win solutions for sellers of all kinds. It doesn’t matter the condition of your home. It doesn’t matter if you have $0 in equity or if you own it free-and-clear. We buy all types of properties, from sellers with all kinds of unique circumstances. Get in touch and we’ll have an offer sent to you in less than 48 hours!


We sell our homes rent-to-own, which provides a great opportunity for people like you to become home owners even if you don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage. Your financial situation doesn’t matter. You don’t even need verifiable income. We believe that everyone has a right to own their own home. Click below to read more about how to begin your path to home ownership through this unique purchasing strategy!

Traditional Financing Not an Option?

We sell our homes rent-to-own, which allows folks who can’t get traditional financing to still purchase the property, putting their payments into equity instead of to a landlord! This is also a great option if you aren’t 100% sure yet about the area you want to live in, or of the length of time before you’ll need to move next. Purchasing rent-to-own allows the flexibility to simply leave the lease instead of having to deal with the sale of a home should you decide to relocate.

We only sell homes that are in excellent condition and that anyone would be proud to own. Check out our property listings to see what’s available and to look into this unique purchasing strategy as your next step towards home ownership!