How It Works

If you are wanting to sell your home without paying Realtor fees and commissions, or dealing with the time it takes to list it traditionally, you’re in the right place!

We aren’t Real Estate Agents. We are interested in buying your home for our own investment portfolio. We prefer to purchase homes “on terms” as it makes both you and us the most money. However, if you need cash fast, we can also offer you that option as well.

Purchasing a home “on terms” can mean a variety of things depending on your situation. We can discuss your specific details, but the vast majority of sellers fall into 1 of 2 categories. Either you have a mortgage on the property and still owe your lender on the outstanding balance, or you own your home free-and-clear. In both scenarios, the way we structure our terms will get you the MOST money for your home…period.

I know, I know…that doesn’t sound real. But reach out…let’s talk…I’ll show you, with real numbers, how that’s possible.

We pay between 90-95% of Fair Market Value for homes. With the average cost to sell your home with an agent after commissions, negotiations, holding costs, repairs, etc being 13% in Central Florida, it’s clear how powerful our offers are. We do not engage in aggressive negotiation tactics or haggling. Our offer estimate, once confirmed, is representative of the best offer we can make.

We’re real people, just like you. We know that your home is extremely special to you. Possibly the most valuable asset that you have. We aren’t looking to con you out of your equity or trick you into a deal that looses you money. We only do deals that are win-wins for you and for us. We want you walking away from the table knowing that you made more money selling to us than you would have if you sold to anyone else! We genuinely believe that’s possible with our deals, so get in touch and let us prove it to you!

Get a No-Obligation Offer in 48 hours...

Enter some preliminary information about your home and we’ll look it over. If the property fits what we are looking for, we can typically get a written offer to you in under 48 hours! There is absolutely no obligation to accept the offer once you’ve received it. Our priority is ensuring a win-win solution for everyone!

Why Sell to Us?


Close Quickly

When you list your home traditionally, it takes a Realtor an average of 75 days to sell it and another 30 days to close the deal. A lot of people don’t have the luxury of waiting that long. And many others just don’t want to. We can buy your home in 24 hours if you need us to! We’ll move forward at your pace, whatever that may be.

Liability ---> Asset

When you sell your home to us, we structure the terms in a way that turns your home from a liability (taking money out of your pocket) into an asset (putting money in your pocket). Trust us…it’s a good thing when your money makes you more money :). We’ll walk you through step by step how this works and chances are you’ll never sell your home the “old way” again.

Flexible Terms

We understand that timing can be tricky when selling your home. You may not want to move until you find another place to live. Or, you may have to sell immediately and only have a week to close and leave town. Whatever your situation is, we can be flexible and will structure our terms to fit your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to us that you have all of your questions answered in the selling process. We know the whole thing can feel a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to make it as simple and painless as possible. Below you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions that we see people asking and the answers we’ve found to be most helpful!

We want to work with you to ensure you have what you need for your next step, whatever that may be. We’re happy to let you cash enough of your equity out to cover a down payment. But remember that the less you finance in the note on the house you’re selling to us, the less money you’ll make in interest on that note every month! So we always encourage sellers to pull out ONLY as much as they need. You want that monthly payment from us to be as high as possible! That payment could even offset the Mortgage Insurance on a low down payment loan you secure on your next home.

Yes, you sure can! Mortgage Lenders will see the loan for this house on your credit report, but will consider it a “sale” rather than a liability. As long as you maintain good credit, they will not count this loan against you as a debt and it will not affect the amount you can borrow for a new home. You can confirm this with any Mortgage Lender by calling them up and asking the same question!

We enjoy partnering with homeowners to create a win-win solution to sell their home hassle free and fast. We do also make cash offers if you are interested, however they require you to forfeit some of your equity to make the deal work. It’s your money, and we would like to see you keep it and watch it grow. We will be leasing your property to someone who does not currently qualify for a mortgage, but wants to be a homeowner. When they can qualify for a mortgage and are ready to purchase the home, we will pay off all loans and you’ll get the rest of your money. In the meantime, you’ll get to be the bank and collect interest without any of the headaches of being a landlord.

We make our money by selling the home for 100% of Fair Market Value to our tenant  buyer. To protect ourselves, we have to buy it at 90-95% to ensure that we can make  money for managing the process. Keep in mind that you’ll be getting payments with  interest, so ​the net profit for you will normally be well above your asking price​. And  remember, selling your home with a realtor normally costs between 5-15% of your  home’s value, after factoring in commissions, closing costs, holding costs, and  negotiations. Our offers far outweigh what you would receive from a traditional sale.

Not a problem! We’ll buy your property “as-is”, giving you the freedom to sell your property quickly without the typical repair headaches!

In Central Florida, the average cost of selling your home with an Agent is around 13% of the sale price after commissions, negotiations, holding costs, closing costs, repairs, etc! Because selling your home with us strips almost every bit of those costs away, our offer of 90-95% is a TRUE 90-95% offer.

Not to mention that when listing it with an Agent it very regularly can take around 3 months, and often longer, to get to closing. We move extremely quickly, going from contract to closing in a week or two instead of many months. We also split closing costs with you and don’t require you to make repairs which can be another potentially expensive part of listing your property with an agent.

Let us prove to you how much more profitable and headache-free a sale with us can be!

No, we are not Realtors and we never collect a commission! It’s one of the many things that set us apart from a typical Real Estate agent!

We want to be fully transparent, and have absolutely nothing to hide. Everyone makes money in our deals. That of course includes you. And it also includes us! How we make our money is pretty straightforward. We buy the home from you at 90-95% of Fair Market Value, then we sell it to someone else at 100%.

You may read that and ask yourself, “then why don’t I just list it with an Agent and sell it for 100%?”

Well, the average cost to sell your home through an Agent in Central Florida is 13%. So…that “100%” becomes 87% (or less) real quick. At that point it’s just basic math to see why our deals make sense for you (5-10% is less than 13% 😉 ). The small spread between what we purchase the house for and what we resell it for is how our company makes money.